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Australasian Section

Photo Credit: Andrew Peters Common smoky honeyeater Melipotes fumigatus


WDA-Australasia is in the process of revising their website. The current page is acting as a placeholder where you can find key contacts, news and upcoming events.

About WDA-A

The Australasian Section, established in 1973, was the first geographic WDA section. The section consists of nearly 200 enthusiastic members including parasitologists, researchers, zoo vets, private practitioners, zoologists, pathologists, biochemists, and students, with expertise across a broad range of disciplines and species.

Management of policies and activities of the WDA-A section is through an Executive Committee which includes representation from each region. See details below.

News and Announcements

Click HERE for the 2021 WDA-AA annual report to WDA Council

WDA-A Executive Committee 2020-2021

WDA-A Executive Committee 2020-2021

WDA-A Regional Representatives 2020-2021

WDA-A Editorial Committee and Other Officer Bearers 2020-2021