Wildlife Disease Association



Photo Credit: Victoria Van de Vuurst African Elephant Loxodanta Africana


About Our Sections

The WDA constitution provides for membership subdivisions or sections for members who share common geographical boundaries or scientific interests. Currently there are six geographic sections (Africa-Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Australasian, European, Latin American and Nordic) and one scientific interest based, the Wildlife Veterinary section. 

Each of these sections elects their own officers and holds a seat on the WDA Council, convenes meetings within their respective geographic regions, and publishes newsletters. Regional (section) conferences allow more focus on specific diseases and problems, allow for use of regional languages, customs, and opportunities for colleagues to connect.  WDA members from any area can attend the section conferences.

For the geographic sections, the WDA parent body remits $15 US per member back to each section to help fund their operations and activities.  The listed address on a member’s profile automatically assigns them to a geographic section and there is no charge for members to belong. Members can also join a section outside of their geographic region for $10 per year. 

The Wildlife Veterinary section (WVS) is open to any member.  The WVS section unites members in a common interest across all geographic regions. The WVS does not receive a remittance from the WDA parent and membership in the WVS is $10 US per year.

Countries represented by each geographic section