Barry L. Munday Recognition Award


The Barry Munday Recognition Award has been established in honour of the late Dr. Barry Munday who contributed substantially to the study of wildlife diseases in Australia and was instrumental in the founding of the Australasian Section.

The Award aims to recognise the significant contributions to wildlife health made by a member of the Australasian Section in the preceding 5 years and consists of a shield made from timber and with details of the Award and Awardee engraved on a plaque.

Winner of the 2016 Barry L. Munday Recognition Award

Dr Tiggy Grillo was the recipient of the 2016 Barry L. Munday Award. Tiggy was recognised for her outstanding commitment to communication, engagement and inclusiveness through her work as the National Coordinator of Wildlife Health Australia and her role as Australia’s OIE Focal Point for Wildlife Health.

How to Apply

Applications for the Barry L. Munday Award are requested, via email, each year around February - March to Jenny McLelland (

To nominate a WDA-A member for the Barry Munday Recognition Award, nominations are requested from a nominator and a seconder. Nominations should briefly outline (one A4 page) the significant contributions by the nominee to wildlife health in the past five years and include not only research or study of disease but also communication, education, training and mentoring - All the qualities of which Barry L. Munday, himself, was so very skilled.

Previous WDA-A Barry L. Munday Recognition Award Winners
2016 Tiggy Grillo
2015 Kris Warren
2013 Karrie Rose
2012 Richard Jakob-Hoff
2011 Rupert Woods
2010 Brett Gartrell
2007 Damian Higgins
2006 Lee Skerratt
2004 David Middleton