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The Wildlife Veterinary Section will be holding an election for section officers during the month of July and is accepting nominations until June 30. Individuals interested in being a part of WVS leadership should provide a brief statement describing their background, why they are interested in the officer position (and which position they are running for), and their goals/objectives for the WVS to wdavetsection@gmail.com. Results will be announced by August 10th.  

Chairperson: Participates as a member in the WDA council and acts as a liaison between the council and the section. The Chairperson shall be responsible for scheduling a section meeting at least every other year and provide an annual report to the section members and WDA Council. The Chairperson and Treasurer work with the WDA Treasurer to ensure section funds are available for activities. The Chairperson directs section officers, organizes activities, and selects members of the Advisory Council and assigns tasks.

Secretary: Is responsible for the WVS membership directory and for minutes of Officer and Section meeting. The Secretary shall be responsible for WVS correspondence to donors. The Secretary shall contribute membership information to the annual report and provide a summary of section activities

Treasurer: Is responsible for WVS finances, and maintaining the checking account, paying bills. The Chairperson and the Treasurer are authorized to sign checks in the name of the Section. The Treasurer shall contribute financial information to the annual report.

Student Representative: Is a member of the Student Activities Committee of the WDA and participates in WVS officer meetings.

Member Communications: Is responsible for sending out emails to section members, monitors and contributes to the section social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) and generally keeps section members informed regarding section activities, accomplishments of members, and wildlife health news. 

Thank you to the following members for their additional donations in support of the section:

Patricia Latas
David McRuer
Kay Mehren
Anna Meredith
Erica Miller
Felicia Nutter
Emi Saito
Jennifer Showers

October 2016:
Important: Notes from the Chair

March 2016:
Updated WVS ByLaws
WVS Section Information

 Officers of the Wildlife Veterinary Section

President       Sonia Hernandez         shernz@uga.edu
Secretary  Sandie Black    SandieB@calgaryzoo.com
Treasurer  Julia Burco    Julia.d.burco@state.or.us
Facebook, etc.      Anne Justice-Allen    ajusticeallen@azgfd.gov
Student Rep.   Adam Hering    adam.hering@usask.ca

2018-2020 Officer biographies

Advisory Board of the Wildlife Veterinary Section

Gerardo Acosta-Jamett        Gerardo.acosta@uach.cl 
Mark W. Atkinson   matkinson@wcs.org
Marc Cattet    marc.cattet@usask.ca 
Walt Cook    wcook@cvm.tamu.edu 
Cindy Driscoll   cdriscoll@dnr.state.md.us 
Colin Gillin    colin.m.gillin@state.or.us 
Sonia M. Hernandez    shernz@uga.edu 
Clay Hilton    clayton.hilton@tamuk.edu 
Chris Walzer   chris.walzer@vetmeduni.ac.at

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