About Us

The Nordic section members are veterinarians, biologists, and researchers from the Nordic / Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland, interested in wildlife and wildlife diseases. NWDA was founded in 1983, and formally approved as a section of WDA in 1984. Annual meetings have been held in one of the four countries on a rotating basis, but since 2001 NWDA-meetings are biennial, being held in the odd-numbered years, alternating with the European section of WDA (EWDA) meetings in even-numbered years. The venue of NWDA meetings is by present tradition usually on an island in the Nordic region.

It may seem strange to have a Nordic section, in addition to the European section of WDA, but the background to this is partly historical, as the Nordic section is older than the EWDA, and the Scandinavian languages are used for talks and presentation at NWDA meetings, whereas English is the common conference language at EWDA. The NWDA meetings focus mainly on the wildlife issues in the temperate and subarctic areas, and with a conference attendance of usually between 15 and 30 participants, they are very familiar, relaxed and informal.

Erik Ågren