Welcome to the African Middle East Section of the Wildlife Disease Association

The AME section has a new website! Check it out here: https://www.wda-ame.org


Membership in the Africa-Mideastern Section of WDA is based on residence in countries of that region.

The Section will consider allowing other WDA members with an interest in wildlife health and conservation participate in Section activities upon request to the Chair.

An African section was formed in the late 1980’s and reformed as an Africa/Mid-East Section in 2001-02 but has been inactive in recent years.

The AME Section was re-established in 2015 under the leadership of Section Chair Thomas Nyariki. The current Chair is Stephen Chege. Section dues are complimentary.

AME Section Newsletter
May 2021 - Vol 5, Issue 1

August 2018 - Vol 4, Issue 1

April 2017 - Vol 3, Issue 1

April 2016 - Vol 2, Issue 1

April 2015 - Vol 1, Issue 2

January 2015 - Vol 1, Issue 1
AME Announcements

July 2019:

WDA-AME and Kenya Veterinary Association are partnering to hold a 2 day event and the Kenya Veterinary Board has approved the event and vets will be awarded 16 points. We have realised partnerships are key and we want AME to be as present and to be publicised as much as possible.

22nd - 23rd August 2019
VENUE – Nairobi Safari Walk, KWS Headquarters
Please click here to view the program