WDA Sections

The WDA constitution provides for membership subdivisions or Sections for members who have common scientific interests or share common geographical boundaries, and a number of WDA sections have been organized over the last several decades. The Australasian Section, established in 1973, was the first geographic WDA section. Other geographic sections that have thrived include the Nordic Section established in 1987 and the European Section established in 1993. The newest geographic section is the Latin American Section approved by WDA Council in 2011. Each of these sections elects their own officers, holds a seat on the WDA Council, convenes meetings within their respective geographic regions, and publishes newsletters. Another section, the Wildlife Veterinary Section was established in 1980 and is comprised of people who are members of both the WDA and have an interest in the application of veterinary science to wildlife conservation. The Wildlife Veterinary Section also elects its own officers, holds a seat on the WDA Council, publishes its own newsletter, and convenes an annual meeting. The sections of WDA unite common interests and bridge disparate geographic regions. The WDA encourages the formation of geographic sections.

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