On-Line Access to JWD
The online journal is at http://www.jwildlifedis.org/.

JWD Online contains the full content of each issue of the journal. In addition, the full text is searchable by keyword, and the cited references include hyperlinks to Medline and to the full text of many other online journals.

The electronic versions of the most recent 18 months of full text articles are available free of charge to student members, regular members, and subscribers. Table of contents and abstracts are free to all. The electronic versions of the Journal from 1965 until the most recent 18 months are available free-of-charge to members and non-members alike.

Online full-text content begins with the 1965 volume. Each new issue will be placed online approximately on the date it is mailed to subscribers, so the online site may be days or even weeks ahead of your receipt of a paper copy.

The Wildlife Disease Association in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Global Health Programs (WCS-GHP) have sponsored free electronic access to all issues of the Journal including issues from the most recent 18 months for people from over 130 countries. The Wildlife Disease Association very much appreciates the support of the WCS-GHP in this program.

This site is produced in conjunction with Stanford University's HighWire Press, which also works with other medical and research journals, such as Science Magazine, the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

How to Use the JWD Site

In order to use your online subscription, you must first activate the subscription. Activation is a process whereby you identify yourself to the system, enter contact information, and select a password. You will be contacted via email with a link to activate your account and create a password. If you did not receive this email, use the 'Reset Password' option on the login page (https://meridian.allenpress.com/my-account/reset-password).

Member Access to the Journal

You may access the journal content by going here and logging in.

Online Access to the Journal of Wildlife Diseases

If you encounter difficulties accessing the Journal of Wildlife Diseases online, contact us HERE for assistance.