WDA Publications

  Journal of Wildlife Diseases: The Journal includes reports of wildlife disease investigations, research papers, brief research notes, case and epizootic reports, book reviews and information concerning the WDA's activities.

  Wildlife Disease Association Newsletter: Published quarterly with the Journal, keeps members informed of association business and items of contemporary interest in wildlife diseases.

  Supplement to the Journal of Wildlife Disease: Currently replaced by the Wildlife Disease Association Newsletter. Back issues are available from January 1998 to October 2007.

  WDA Conference Proceedings and Program Abstracts: Conference proceedings from Wildlife Disease Association's Annual International Conferences.
  2013 WNS Workshop WorkbookThe collected papers and instructional materials provided by Dr. Kevin Keel and collaborators is support of the White Nose Syndrome workshop immediately held on July 28, 2013, preceding the 62nd annual WDA International Conference.

2012 Workshop Workbook