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My Profile allows you to access your contact information including address and email and provide any updates or edits. You can also let us know if your contact information is public and can be shared in the Member Directory or if it is private.

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Orders and Receipts will let you see your past orders or open orders. From there you can print receipts or pay an outstanding balance.

Member Directory
Members only: This is a searchable Member Directory including contact information for existing members. Members are able to list certain information as available to the directory or should not be included. Changes to your privacy settings are available on your My Profile page.

Member Only Benefits:
This is a great resource and provides links to special member resources like special publications, The Wildlife Health Disease publication series, previous conference presentations and more.

  • WDA Reports From The Field: Reports from the Field is designed to allow WDA members to share large data sets, collections of filed observations, data with a common theme but perhaps not a common research design, with other members. It is understood that these data are not or have not been published elsewhere and may not fir most peer reviewed journal formats, but may have real value to wildlife health professionals.
  • WDA Image Galleries: The is the home of the Tom Thorne and Beth Williams wildlife diseases slide collection. We would like you help in populating the newest slide collection here with your best wildlife and wildlife health images. No people, group shots, personal images please.

Ballots and Surveys
Electronic voting is much easier and more efficient and you will find your WDA election ballots here. Periodically we conduct surveys and if you get a blast email about one you can find it, and eventually the results here.

Current Council Business Items

These items are provided to WDA members so they can know what important business items are currently before Council in case they have a particular interest. Members can provide input through any WDA Officer of member of Council.

Council Page
Council only: The page contains WDA Council business in progress, recent business and other items specifically useful to Council.