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WDA-Experiment Call for Proposals

 (This information is also available in Spanish)

In partnership with Experiment (a mission driven company) the Wildlife Disease Association is calling for research proposals in the area of wildlife health and disease. To qualify, proposals must:
1) deal with a significant health or disease issue in free-ranging marine or terrestrial wildlife. 
2) have implications for, or a focus on, wildlife populations and the ecosystems in which they live, not individual animal treatment and/or captive wildlife.
3) emphasis on species conservation and application of a One Health approach is required.
This is a crowdfunding call and grant submitters should consider this, both in the way they write their proposals, and in funding expectations. Most frequently this type of funding is successful for 
-student or graduate student projects
-smaller projects where there is urgency for getting work done on emerging issues
-or projects that pump-prime more comprehensive engagement
The average amount raised for successful proposals is in the $4000 range.
The call will last for 31 days (July 1, 2018 - August 1, 2018). Projects that are in compliance with the call will be promoted for crowd funding by Experiment, WDA, and allied organizations. It is expected that the successful applicants will provide appropriate feedback on the outcomes of the work in the form of ‘lab notes’ and WDA will post these at its website. 
A thirty day period will be allowed for grant submitters to solicit donors and for the crowdfunding response. WDA will provide a prize of $1000 to the most highly supported project and $500 to the second most highly supported project after 21 days. Four additional $100 will be awarded to the top four crowdfunding campaigns whose author(s) are WDA members on the 30th day of the campaign.
More information and application instructions are available at