WDA Student Award Recepients

About the WDA Student Awards

The WDA offers a research recognition award, two scholarship awards in addition to a number of presentation awards at the annual international WDA conference. The aim of these awards is to recognize outstanding student research and scholarship in the field of wildlife health, to encourage student participation in the Association and attendance at our annual international conference.

Please visit the Student Awards page on the Students section of the website to see a list of previous award winners.

Winners from the 2019 WDA Conference Student Awards

Oral Presentation Winners:

Terry Amundson Award: Anastasia Towe

Terry Amundson Honorable mention: Kaylee Byers,University Of British Columbia


 Poster Presentations Winners:

Best Student Poster: Megan Moriarty

Honorable mention Poster: Risa Pesapane

Research Recognition Travel Award Winner:

Chris Cleveland, University Of Georgia

Graduate Student Scholarship Award Winners:

Viviana Gonzalez-Astudillo, University Of California-Davis

Kaylee Byers, University Of British Columbia


Chris Cleveland,
University Of Georgia
Chris Cleveland,
University Of Georgia