WDA Ed Addison Distinguished Service Award Recipients

About the WDA Ed Addison Distinguished Service Award

The DSA is the highest award of the Wildlife Disease Association. The purpose of the DSA is to honor a WDA member of long standing who, by his/her outstanding accomplishments in research, teaching and other activities, including participation in WDA affairs, has made a noteworthy contribution furthering the aims of the Wildlife Disease Association.

2020 WDA Ed Addison Distinguished Service Award
winner Delores Gavier-Widén




2020   Delores Gavier-Widén
2019   Marie-Pierre Ryser
2018   Marcella Uhart
2017   Laurie Baeten
2016   Jim Mills & Barbara Ellis
2015    Dave Spratt
2014 Marc Artois
2013 Charles Rupprecht
2012 Ian Beveridge & Margo Pybus
2011 Not awarded
2010 Robert G. McLean
2009 Elizabeth W. Howerth & David E. Stallknecht
2008 Frederick A. Leighton
2007 Leslie S. Uhazy
2006 Paul L. Barrows
2005 Not awarded
2004 Tonie E. Rocke
2003 William M. Samuel
2002 Anne Fairbrother
2001 Torsten Mörner
2000 David A. Jessup
1999 Ian K. Barker
1998 William R. Davidson
1997 Richard G. Botzler
1996 E. Tom Thorne & Elizabeth S. Williams
1995 Werner P. Heuschele & Victor F. Nettles
1994 Gary A. Wobeser
1993 Edward M. Addison
1992 Emmett B. Shotts, Jr.
1991 Danny B. Pence
1990 Not awarded
1989 Thomas J. Yuill
1988 Annie K. Prestwood
1987 Milton Friend
1986 Donald J. Forrester
1985 Barry L. Munday
1984 Louis J. Locke
1983 Robert L. Rausch
1982 Not awarded
1981 Charles P. Hibler
1980 Leslie A. Page
1979 John W. Davis
1978 Roy C. Anderson
1977 Joan Budd
1976 Glenn A. Hoffman
1975 David E. Davis
1974 Harold N. Johnson
1973 Daniel O. Trainer
1972 Archie McDiarmid
1971 Lars H. Karstad
1970 Stanislaus Snieszko
1969 Carlton M. Herman
Ian Beveridge presenting the WDA Distinguished Service Award to Dave Spratt (via video hookup) and Karrie Rose also presenting a birthday cake for Dave