WDA Editors

Outreach Editor: Dave Jessup

Journal Editor: Daniel Mulcahy

Managing Journal Editor: Kristen Anderson

  • Allen Press
  • PO Box 7065
  • Lawrence, KS US 66044-7065
  • Ph: (785) 865-9233, Toll Free in USA (800) 627-0326 EXT 233
  • kanderson@allenpress.com

Newsletter Manager: Sarah Sirica

Website Manager: Cindy Serraino

  • Research and Evaluation Associate
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Monterey, CA 93940
  • Ph: (571) 235-0075
  • cindyserraino@gmail.com

For a complete list of Journal of Wildlife Diseases Editors and Editorial Board, please click here.
Past JWD Editors

Jim Mills and Barbara Ellis, the JWD Editorial team from 2008-2016

Dave Stallknecht and Buffy Howerth JWD Co-editors 2005-2010

From left to right standing Charles Hibler, Beth Williams, Danny Pence, seated Don Forrester and Richard Botzler