WDA Committees
If you would like to join a Committee, please email exec.manager@wildlifedisease.org

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WDA Futures Committee Report to Council - August 2019 (PDF)

Audit Committee

Chair: Carol Meteyer, cmeteyer@usgs.gov
Our Constitution requires that we conduct an audit of the Association financial records every 3 years. The next required audit is to be conducted on the 2012 records, this committee will conduct a thorough audit and provide a written report to Council.

Awards Committee

Chair: Jim Mills, WildlifeDisease@gmail.com
The Awards Committees receives nominations and advises Council on the major WDA awards, the Edward M. Addison Distinguished Service Award and the Wildlife Disease Association Emeritus Award. The committee also assists in the procurement of additional service acknowledgements as requested by the president.

Budget Committee

Chair: Mike Ziccardi, wdatreasurer@gmail.com
The purpose of the Budget and Audit Committee is to ensure fiscal responsibility and soundness of the Association. The Committee is chaired by the WDA treasurer and provides advice to the treasurer and Council on financial matters. Careful stewardship of financial resources are the bedrock of a healthy association.

Endowment Committee

Chair: Joe Gaydos, jkgaydos@ucdavis.edu
The Endowment Committee works to develop self sustaining long-term funding for JWD and its’ worldwide distribution. The goal is to achieve endowment by 2020.

Information Committee

Chair: Laura Martin, lerosen@gmail.com
The Information Committee compiles and disseminates news, plays a role in enhancing WDA's electronic presence, and ensures the members information needs are met. 

International Committee

Chair: Pam Whiteley, pwhitele@bigpond.net.au
The International Committee advises the membership on formation of sections, provides guidelines for groups proposing WDA geographic Sections and receives applications for section status. In 2011 the WDA Latin American Section joined the Australasian, Nordic, and European Sections. In 2013 an Africa Mideast Section was re-formed. In 2018 an Asia-Pacific Section was approved by Council.

Membership and Promotions Committee

Chair: Eduard Roos, eoroos.zoology@gmail.com
The Membership & Promotions Committee  works to “get the word out” to members and the general public on all the good things WDA does, develops ways  to increase and diversify our membership by reaching out to other organizations and helping prepare outreach materials.

Nominations Committee

Chair: Marcy Uhart, muhart@ucdavis.edu
The Nominations Committee develops a slate of candidates and receives nominations from members to fill vacancies on the WDA Council.

Professional Awareness Committee

Chair: Jolianne Rijks, J.M.Rijks@uu.nl
The Public Affairs Committee is a standing committee charged with reaching out to other professional organizations world-wide to build relationships and seek common areas to work together and, if appropriate, develop position statements.

Small Grants Committee

Chair: Clay Hilton, wdasmallgrants@gmail.com
In 2013, Council voted to make the Small Grants Committee a formal standing committee. The committee members have worked hard to bring this effort to this stage drafting detailed guidelines and procedures that allow the WDA to fund small projects that would further the mission of the organization.

Student Activities Committee

Chair: Marianthi Ioannidis, mioannidis@student.ulg.ac.be
The Student Activities Committee Chair represents student members of the WDA. The Committee puts out a request for proposals yearly for student chapter funding, helps raise funds for student chapters and other student activities, developes annual conference student workshops and student - mentor gatherings. The Student Activities Committee ensures students have a forum and can meaningfully contribute to WDA.

Student Awards Committee

Chair: Tiggy Grillo, tgrillo@wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au 
The Student Awards Committee coordinates all activities related to WDA student awards,  including, but not limited to, receipt of applications for the WDA Scholarship, Research Award, Terry Amundsen Award and Poster Competition, judging of those awards and presentation at the annual Conference.

Time & Place Committee

Chair: Carlos das Neves, Carlos.dasNeves@vetinst.no
The Time and Place Committee identifies potential sites and scheduling for the WDA International annual conference and presents these to the Council for consideration. The committee also works with each local conference host committee to assure great meetings.

Tom & Beth Committee

Co-Chair: Deb Miller, dmille42@utk.edu
Co-Chair: Mark Drew, mark.drew@idfg.idaho.gov
This is a joint committee of WDA and the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians. The committee selects candidates for the Tom Thorne and Beth Williams Memorial Award and provides recommendations to the executives of the two Associations.