AAWV Graduate Student Scholarship Award
About the AAWV Graduate Student Scholarship Award

In keeping with the close relationship between WDA and the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (AAWV), the AAWV will sponsor an award to a student at each annual WDA conference. The award will be given to either a veterinary student, or a DVM currently enrolled in a graduate program, residency or equivalent educational endeavor. This award will acknowledge outstanding academic and research accomplishment, productivity and potential to contribute to the field of wildlife medicine/research. The student should follow the same instructions for application to the WDA Graduate Student Scholarship Award, but note, the recipient chosen will be among those that have had their oral presentation accepted to present their work at the WDA conference. In addition, the recipient must be a member of the AAWV at the time of application to be considered. The award has a value of $500 US and includes a plaque. To find out more, keep a look out for the WDA Student Award Applications Instructions (visit the Student Awards information page).

Winners from the 2017 WDA conference

held in San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico on July 2017

Sonia Jenny receiving the 2017 AAWV Scholarship Award

Bieneke Bron 2016 and Sonia Jenny 2017 
Winners of the AAWV Scholarship Award

Award Recipients



2017 Sonia Jenny
2016 Bieneke Bron