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Student Grants

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Student Chapter Grants

The Student Activities Committee (SAC) organizes and awards the student chapter grants to facilitate student involvement in the activities of their local chapter and therefore the worldwide development of the WDA.

The student chapters (SC) are locally engaged in the organization of activities (lectures, workshops, field trips, etc.) related to the wildlife health. To help promote these activities and the creation of new SCs, the SAC annually offers grants on an application basis.

There are two different grants:

Seed Grant: dedicated to the organization of smaller events, organized 2 times a year, with a smaller budget.

Blossom Grantdedicated to bigger events, organized once a year, with a larger and more detailed budget.


To help provide equal opportunity, student chapters cannot receive a grant 2 years in a row (even if there are different officers) to allow these grant funds to “travel”.

Annual Student Workshop:

These grants should not include the SAC funds dedicated for future student workshop(s) preceding the annual WDA meetings


The budget will be decided according to the yearly SAC budget. For 2022: the Seed Grants of $500 will be available for the winners during one year, and the Blossom Grants of $1000 will be available during 18 months from the time the winners is announced.


To review the applications the SAC will have two sub-committees, one for each grant. In terms of evaluation, the seed grant will have general criteria while the blossom grant will be awarded using a scoring system

To learn more about the grant guidelines, please click here.

Student Membership Grants

The Student Activities Committee offers a yearly Section Membership Grant.  This provides student members a 1-year WDA membership so that they can be an active member of WDA and their geographic section.  The 2022 grants have already been awarded.  Please check back in January of 2023 to see which section will receive these sponsored grants. 

Student Travel Grants

The Student Activities Committee Student Travel Grants provide a small stipend to student members to assist with travel to the Annual International WDA conference, especially to those who may not be eligible to apply for the competitive WDA student awards.  

  • Applicants are scored based on demonstrated interest and involvement in WDA as well as financial need.
  • Funds will be awarded upon confirmation of conference registration.
  • Students receiving a scholarship will be asked to share their experience through a presentation at their home university, student chapter or similar student group during the fall semester following the conference.
  • Please note that students who have previously received a travel award or are awarded a WDA Student Award this year are not eligible for this year’s travel award.
  • Deadline for submission of the application form and a letter of support is May 20, 2022.
  • Applications should be sent to Student Activities Chair Marianthi Ioannidis at wdatravelgrant@gmail.com.
  • All student applicants will receive a notice of successful receipt of their application. Notification of awards will be made by June 1, 2022.

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We wish you good luck!

The Student Activities Committee