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Student Chapters

Photo Credit: Meg Baker coyote Canis latrans


Student Chapters

Student Chapters, can be created through colleges and universities or geographic sections 

The objectives of the Student Chapters include supporting the WDA mission as well as to:

  • provide students interested in wildlife health and conservation an opportunity to connect to others with similar interests.
  • enhance skills for students interested in pursuing careers in wildlife health or conservation.
  • connect students with the resources to further explore educational and professional opportunities.

These objectives can be accomplished by a chapter through exploring mentorship opportunities, hosting lectures, workshops, conferences, or field trips. The Student Activities Committee (SAC) organizes, and awards two levels of Student Chapter grants to assist in hosting the activities of their local chapter. 

How to Start a Student Chapter

Click here to for a PDF to introduce you to WDA our Student Committee and Student Chapters.

Please read the Guidelines for Student Chapterscomplete the Chapter Application form and send it to the Student Committee chair Juliette Nye at  student.activities@wildlifedisease.org.

A fillable Annual Report Form (PDF) may be accessed here

Active Student Chapters