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BioOne Ambassador Award

Photo Credit: David Ley beaver Castor canadensis


BioOne Ambassodor Award Competition is now accepting applications for 2022

Established in 2018, the annual BioOne Ambassador Award is given to early career researchers who can effectively communicate the importance and impact of their research to the public. The WDA as partner publisher of BioOne nominates individuals who are currently students or within 5yrs. post completion of their primary or secondary degree and have published or had their manuscript accepted for publication in JWD within the previous calendar year.

Application guidelines for the 2022 BioOne Ambassador Award may be accessed HERE.

2021 BioOne Ambassador Award Winner: Kaylee Byers

Kaylee was one of five early career scholars who advanced through this rigorous BioOne Ambassador Award competition. Nominees had to be in or within 5 years of completion of a graduate program and must have had their paper published in their association journal in 2020. Candidates were judged on a 750-word plain-language summary explaining “How does your research change the world”.

Kaylee’s summary: Location, Location, Location: Rats, Real Estate, and Public Health is based on her publication “Is Carriage of Leptospira Interrogans by Rats Influenced by the Urban Environment or Population Density?

Dr. Kaylee Byers is the Deputy Director of the British Columbia node of the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative and a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia. Kaylee is the co-founder of Nerd Nite Vancouver and co-hosts the Nerdin’ About podcast.

You can learn more about Dr. Byers’ work here.