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Photo Credit: Victoria Van de Vuurst grey crowned crane Balearica regulorum




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Student Award Descriptions

Student Awards Competitions

The following student awards are offered annually, and selected winners are recognized at the annual international WDA conference. The aim of these awards is to recognize outstanding student research and scholarship in the field of wildlife health, to encourage student participation in the Association and attendance at our annual international conference.

Graduate Student Research Recognition Award (SRRA)

This award is given to the student determined to have the best research project in the field of wildlife health or disease. The selected student is the keynote speaker during the student presentation session at the annual international WDA conference.

WDA Graduate Student Scholarship Award (SSA)

This award acknowledges outstanding academic and research accomplishment, productivity, and future potential in pursuit of new knowledge in wildlife health or disease. Two scholarships are awarded annually.

WDA Terry Amundson Presentation Award

This award acknowledges outstanding oral presentation of research findings at the annual international WDA conference.

WDA Student Poster Award

This award goes to the best student poster detailing a wildlife disease or wildlife health research project presented at the annual international WDA conference.

BioOne Ambassador Award Competition

Established in 2018, the BioOne Ambassador Award is given annually to early career researchers who can effectively communicate the importance and impact of their published research to the public. The WDA as partner publisher of BioOne nominates individuals who are currently students or within 5yrs. post completion of their primary or secondary degree and have published or had their manuscript accepted for publication in JWD within the previous calendar year.

Joint WDA-IAAAM Student Award

The International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine (IAAAM) and WDA jointly offer an award for the best student-authored paper related to aquatic animals in the Journal of Wildlife Disease (JWD) in the year prior to the year the award is provided.