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Asia-Pacific Section

Photo Credit: Toshio Tsubota sika deer Cervus nippon


About the Asia-Pacific Section:

The Asia-Pacific section of the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA-AP) was officially established on January 1, 2019.  A main goal is to reinforce the regional network of experts on wildlife health, disease ecology and One health.

The Asian-Pacific Section also works in cooperation with the Asian Society of Conservation Medicine (ASCM), the Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (JSZWM) and other related organizations for conservation medicine including wildlife, as well as “One Health" education.

News and Announcements:

Click HERE for the 2021 WDA-AP Section report to Council.

Click HERE to read a summary report of the 14th Asian Society of Conservation Medicine / 27th Japanese Society of Wildlife Medicine 2021 Joint Meeting.

Upcoming Events:

The 15th International Conference of Asian Society of Conversation Medicine
Moving Forward: Challenges in One Health and Conversation Medicine

Key Dates: 25-28 October 2022
Information Technology Service Center (ITSC), Chiang Mai University (CMU)
Chiang Mai, Thailand
More information HERE.

WDA – Asian-Pacific Section Officers:

Toshio Tsubota (Japan)

WDA-AP Chair

Affiliation: Laboratory of Wildlife Biology and Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University.

Research topic: Ecology and physiology of bears, Disease ecology of tick-borne diseases in wildlife, and Tuberculosis in wildlife of Nepal.

Bio: I have been experiencing research, education and social activity in the field of veterinary and wildlife medicine for over 30 years. I had worked as the president of Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, the Chair of Wildlife Medicine Section of Japanese Society of Veterinary Medicine and the Chair of Japan Bear Network. I am certified as the diploma from the Japanese College of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

Tokuma Yanai (Japan)

WDA-AP Former Chair

Affiliation: Hiwa Natural History Museum/ The Institute for Nature & Culture Conservation in Chu-Shikoku Japan.

Research topic: Wildlife Forensic Pathology, especially Japanese wild mammals and zoo animals. Long term studies on equine herpes in zoo animals as well as disease survey in leopard cats and mole.

Bio: From 1992, I was working in universities as a veterinary pathologist with a strong interest on wild and zoo animal forensic pathology. From 2006 to 2018, I was organizing annual meeting of ASZWM/ASCM as the senior board of ASCM with nice collaborations with many local universities and organizations. From 2017, I was in charge of “Asian Wildcat Conservation Workshop” which is a new network for Asian wildcat conservation.

Seong Chan Yeon (Republic of Korea)

WDA-AP Vice Chair

Affiliation: Laboratory of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine & Animal Behavior, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University.

Research topic: Endo-surgery in Veterinary Medicine, Animal behavior, Animal communication, Ecology management, Wildlife disease.

Bio: I have been experiencing research, education and social activity in the field of veterinary surgery, animal behavior, and wildlife medicine about 30 years. I had worked as the president of Association of Wildlife Center in south Korea during 4 years, as well as the Chair of association of surgery professors in Korea. Now I am director of Seoul Wildlife Center.

Chen-Chih Chen (Taiwan)

WDA-AP Secretary

Affiliation: Laboratory of Wildlife Disease Ecology, Institute of Wildlife Conservation, College of Veterinary Medicine, Pingtung University of Sciences and Technology. Research topic: wildlife population dynamics and control, wildlife disease ecology, Conservation medicine.

Bio: My research is primarily focused on the ecology of infectious pathogens in the free-living wildlife population, such as rabies transmission in the ferret-badger and avian influenza surveillance in the migratory Anatidae. In addition, I am interested in the study of pathogens that might impact the population of endangered species, such as leopard cats in Taiwan.

Ho-Seong Cho (Republic of Korea)

WDA-AP Treasurer

Affiliation: Veterinary Diagnostic Center and College of Veterinary Medicine, Jeonbuk National University.

Research topic: Surveillance monitoring of wildlife infectious diseases, microbiome analysis of wild animals.

Bio: My research is primarily focused on the surveillance of infectious pathogens in the captive and wildlife animals, such as African swine fever, Q fever and mycobacteriosis. Recently, I’m interested in research to evaluate health status based on analysis of intestinal microbiota of wild animals in Korea.