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Why Join WDA?
This word cloud was made by members at the 68th Annual International Conference in Tahoe City, CA, who listed three things that they loved about WDA. We hope our list contains words that speak to you.

Inspiring, Professional, Inclusive, Health, Disease, Collegial, Science 
Member benefits for publishing in and receiving the Journal of Wildlife Diseases, plus BioOne Complete; funding multiple small research grants and student manuscript awards

Family, Laughter, Networking, Education Future, Supportive, Best Jobs 
Connect with old and new colleagues and friends; reduced registration fees at WDA conferences; participate in or support student activities, chapters, and awards and mentorships; stay in touch with wildlife news, conferences, jobs and educational opportunities from around the world through our website, e-news, newsletter and active Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.

Conservation, Collaboration, All People, Motivating Dedication, Wildlife, Hope
Let your passion shine; contribute to the health, management, and conservation of wildlife; actively participate, and help shape the future of WDA; join one of our eight committees, or the Wildlife Veterinary Section; act as associate editor or reviewer for the JWD; or seek a leadership position as a council member or officer.

WDA Member Benefits

WDA Council approves waived page charges for members publishing in the JWD in 2022

The Council has approved the following changes to page charges for publication in the Journal of Wildlife disease for calendar year 2022.

The primary/first author will have page charges waived for articles submitted during 2022 under the following criteria:

They are a regular, student, lifetime or emeritus member at the time the manuscript is submitted to the JWD


The primary/first author is an associate member and their listed address with the WDA is in one of the countries that receive free access to the Journal of Wildlife Diseases.  This list can be found at https://www.jwildlifedis.org/page/countryaccess

Please note that standard fees will still apply for color images or publishing the article as open access.