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Research & Grants Committee

Photo Credit: Filippo Castelluci sanderling Calidris alba


Research & Grants Committee


The Research and Grants Committee works to provide support to members in their creation of wildlife health knowledge through strategic research funding and small grants, especially for graduate students and early career researchers. The committee also develops wildlife health training resources for members to facilitate their career development and research effectiveness. This committee is a standing committee of the WDA as specified in the appendix to the Bylaws.


 - developing training and capacity building opportunities for our members and others;

 - providing funding to give our members strategic professional and research development opportunities (e.g. early career researcher-focused research grants, training and scholarship funding);

 - developing mentoring and networking programs to provide opportunities for our members to upskill and develop critical international professional relationships;

 - filling key gaps in wildlife health research and knowledge mobilisation through strategic support (e.g. through our small grants program);

 - fundraising to provide for these activities.



Scott Carver, Chair, scott.carver@utas.edu.au

Sasan Fereidouni, Co-Chair, sasan.fereidouni@vetmeduni.ac.at

Ezequiel Hidalgo, member, ezequielhidalgovet@yahoo.com

Julie Sheldon, member, juliedsheldon@gmail.com

Annie Page-Karjian, member, cpagekarjian@fau.edu