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Communications Committee

Photo Credit: Diego Soler Yopal Rupornis magnirostris


Communications Committee

This committee is a standing committee of the WDA as specified in the appendix to the bylaws.


The purpose of this committee is to enable effective communication between WDA and its members, key stakeholders in wildlife health and the broader community; and to facilitate effective communication regarding wildlife health by WDA members.


Member, Sarah Sirica, s.m.willarderoh@gmail.com

Member Aricia Duarte Benvenuto, aricia.benvenuto@usp.br

Member, Kaylee Byers, kaylee.byers@ubc.ca

Member, Alberto Casado G√≥mez, alberto.casadogomez@gmail.com

Member, Laura Rosen, lerosen@gmail.com

Member, Lyndell Whyte, ljwhyte14@gmail.com

Member Peri Wolff, exec.manager@wildlifedisease.org

Member, Catharina Vendl, catharinavendl@gmail.com


Facilitate internal communications to members including through the creation of a quarterly newsletter

Facilitate mixed internal and external communications including through the WDA website, social media, traditional media (for instance through media engagement), promotional material and marketing, podcasting and communication-related events

Facilitate communication training for members

To work closely with other committees to achieve the above


Make recommendations on communications to Council

To develop and conduct communications and communications-related materials and activities, including for training, to enhance WDA’s Mission as directed by the Officers, Executive Manager or Council

To ensure that all communications, including comments on social media, are consistent with WDA’s Charter of Values and to intervene where this is not the case. 

Meeting arrangements are to be determined by the Chair but will include at least online correspondence.


The chair is to report to Council at least annually on the activities of the committee, no later than June 30th each year.

Resources and budget:

Annual budget of US$3000 to be used in support of WDA’s Mission

Editorial access to WDA social media and web-based interfaces

Further resources requested of the Council by the Chair of the committee


Website and social media and other communications content

A quarterly newsletter for members

Recommendations to Council submitted as briefing notes to the WDA Vice President

Other communications-related materials and activities as directed by Council

Media releases on behalf of WDA

An annual report on the committee’s activities submitted to the WDA Secretary no later than June 30th.



Purpose & Mission

The CANUSA Student Chapter of the Wildlife Disease Association was established to collaborate and enhance networking between university and non-university chapter-affiliated students within Canada and the United States (including U.S-owned territories, and other proximate regions by request). Its primary role is to support pre-conference student workshops planning and other student-associated events.

It plays a central part in networking between existing CANUSA region university chapters by providing a common communication point, and offers a unique opportunity for regional membership for individuals residing within the CANUSA regions who may not have access to local chapters through a university.

Contact the chapter on canusa.wda@gmail.com

Officers 2023-2025

Faculty Advisor: Marianthi Ioannidis - ioannidis.marianthi@gmail.com

President: Joy Flowers - jgf5234@psu.edu

President Elect: Cambrey Knapp - cambrey.knapp@gmail.com

Secretary: Lisa Lee - cambrey.knapp@gmail.com

Treasurer: Caide Woottend -  caide.wooten.dvm@gmail.com

Communications Chair: Brittany Barner  - brittany.barner@lmunet.edu

Workshop Planning Chair: Nikki Castleberry -  neotoma@uga.edu

Social Media Chair: Erica Suitor - erica.suitor@ucalgary.ca

Member At-Large: Madison Davis

Member At-Large: Matthew Kulpa -  kulpamat@gmail.com

Member At-Large: Charlotte Nury

Social Media