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Photo Credit: Peregrine Wolff sea lions Zalophus californianus

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Committees of the Wildlife Disease Association

Get involved in your organization, engage with colleagues across the globe, make a difference in wildlife health and shape the future of WDA?  Join a committee!  Their work is the beating heart of this association.  We invite you to be a part of our exciting new committees this year, it's as easy as filling out this brief form.

If you would like to join a committee, please contact the WDA Executive Manager, exec.manager@wildlifedisease.org.

Ad hoc Committee Reports:
-2021 Strategic Plan Report
2019 Futures Committee Report

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee seeks nominations and recommends recipients to Council for the Ed Addison Distinguished Service Award, Emeritus Award, and Tom Thorne and Beth Williams Memorial Award. The committee also adjudicates all student awards, including the Student Research Recognition Travel Award, Graduate Student Scholarship Award and the Terry Amundson Best Presentation and Best Poster Presentation awards at the WDA Conference.

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is to ensure fiscal responsibility and soundness of the Association. The Committee is chaired by the treasurer and provides advice to the treasurer and Council on financial matters.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee oversees the development and use of communications and outreach materials through media including the newsletter, website, social media, and news media, as well as developing communications-related training materials for members. The committee additionally develops promotional material for WDA in support of the association’s mission.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee seeks hosts, locations, and timing for WDA’s annual conference, works to support the local conference organizing committee and coordinates the annual international conference auction. The committee also develops approaches to improve member accessibility to conferences (e.g. through virtual participation) and further knowledge sharing opportunities including webinars.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is focused on identifying the needs of members and improving the value WDA offers to its members. The committee works to increase the diversity of membership and to ensure that WDA is an inclusive association.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee develops a slate of candidates and receives nominations from members to fill positions on Council.

Research & Grants Committee

The Research and Grants Committee works to provide support to members in their creation of wildlife health knowledge through strategic research funding and small grants, especially for graduate students and early career researchers. The committee also develops wildlife health training resources for members to facilitate their career development and research effectiveness.

Student Committee

The Student Committee represents students and student chapters around the world. The committee coordinates, develops and supports activities to foster the growth of our next generation of wildlife health professionals.