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Wildlife Veterinary Section Travel Award

Photo Credit: Victoria Van de Vuurst Thomson's gazelle Eudorcas thomsonii


Wildlife Veterinary Section Travel Award

Given annually to a presenter at the annual international meeting of the Association that meets the following criteria: They are not eligible for one of the student awards, the topic of their presentation relates the principles of veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation or disease management, and the individual is from one of the countries rated by the World Bank as middle, middle-low, or low income (LMIC).

The award will be granted based on the quality of the abstract, and demonstration of need (as determined from the application). The award will be announced at the meeting but provided to the winner before the meeting so that it may be used to support travel.

Previous Award Winners



Presentation Title


I.P. Dhakal

Assessment of wildlife health capacity in Nepal


Grace S.N. Kia

Rabies and zoonotic disease risk awareness among bush meat hunters in Zaria Kaduna State, Nigeria


Lillian Catenacci

Primates and sloths as sentinels for Arboviruses in the Atlantic Forest, Bahia, Brazil


Sofia Bernal

Hematology and blood chemistry values of Cebus imitator (Panamanian white-faced capuchin living in free-ranging conditions