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Wisconsin Student Chapter

Wisconsin Student Chapter (WiscWDA)

Faculty Advisor: Michael Samuel, MS, PhD – Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology

                                    University of Wisconsin - Madison

                                    608 – 263 – 1598 ;

Miranda Torkelson,

Vice President: Julia Poje,

Treasurer: Kaylyn Goertz,

Secretary: Melanie Iverson,

Event-coordinator: Shannon Rudin,

Undergrad representative: KM Barnett,

Vet student representative: Stephanie Kurth,

Increase awareness of the health and diseases of wild animals in relation to their biology, conservation and ecology, among current and future wildlife health ambassadors.


  • Hold monthly meetings with invited guest speakers that represent diverse area of wildlife health, disease, and ecology.
  • Organize field trips to expose students to local wildlife health resources: International Crane Foundation, National Wildlife Health Center, Aldo Leopold Foundation, etc.
  • Coordinate joint meetings and activities with the WI TWS Student Chapter.
  • Compile resources, news, and job postings with links on the WiscWDA webpage (
  • Build a community of students and professionals interested in wildlife health at the University of Wisconsin and in the broader Madison and out-state area to facilitate education and networking.


Number of members: 30

Recommendation to Council by the SAC: Approval