Student Chapter of the Wildlife Disease Association at the University of Florida

President:Jessica Buchy
Vice-President:Alison Flanders
Secretary:Stephanie Alexander
Treasurer:Mariajesus Soula
Activities Coordinator:Alyssa Palmer

Mission Statement
"The mission of this chapter is to 1. educate students about the profession and career, job qualifications and education, and externships, volunteer, and research opportunities; 2. enhance the skills of wildlife disease students through lectures, field trips, conferences, and workshops; 3. connect wildlife students to mentors in the WDA through faculty advisor and guest lecturers."

Number of members:2

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Darryl Heard
Postion: Associate Professor Zoological Medicine
Research interests:
Telephone: 1-352-514-9909

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2012 Progress Report: (PDF 16K)