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Australasian (WDA-A) Student Chapter

Faculty Advisor: Rachael Gray, BVSc, PhD – Senior Lecturer, Vet Pathology, Marine Mammal Health

                                    The University of Syndey, NSW

                                    +61 2 9351 2643;

President: Sarah Michael,

Vice President: Alanna Knight,

Secretary/Treasurer: Kath Adriaanse,

Social Media Representative: Emma Nelson,

Mission: Our mission is to acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the health and diseases of wild animals in relation to their biology, conservation, and interactions with human and domestic animals. More specifically, we aim to connect students across the Australasian region, create open exchange of ideas, and provide information on conferences, careers, volunteer, and research opportunities.


·     Educate students interested in wildlife health and disease about

o   The profession and career opportunities

o   Job qualifications and education

o   Externships, volunteer, and research opportunities

·     Enhance the skills of students interested in wildlife health and disease through

o   Lectures

o   Workshops

o   Conferences

o   Field trips

·     Connect students interested in wildlife health and disease to mentors in WDA through the faculty advisor and guest lecturers)

Number of members: 12 (and increasing)

Recommendation to Council by the SAC: Approval