Objectives of WDA Student Chapters

"Our mission is to acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the health and diseases of wild animals in relation to their biology, conservation, and interactions with humans and domestic animals."

The objectives of the Student Chapters of the Wildlife Disease Association include the mission of the WDA, and more specifically aim at:

  • *Educating students interested in wildlife health and disease about the profession and career opportunities, job qualifications and education, externships, volunteer, and research opportunities. 
  • *Enhancing the skills of students interested in wildlife health and disease through lectures, workshops, conferences, field trips. 
  • *Connecting students interested in wildlife health and disease to mentors in WDA through the faculty advisor and guest lecturers. 

WDA Student Chapters, which have been created by motivated students from North America and Europe are steadily increasing in numbers.

WDA Student members must be:
1) enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate student program at least half-time, or 2) be participating full-time in an internship or residency program which is approved for credit towards board certification or graduate degree.

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More Information

Create a Student Chapter of the Wildlife Disease Association

We have developed a power point slide show to introduce the WDA and WDA student chapters to wildlife health students. View the PPT (or PDF version) and learn everything you need to know!

Want to do more?

Become a WDA student ambassador by presenting this power point slide show (or PDF version) to students from your University and actively take part in the promotion of the Wildlife Disease Association!

Guidelines & Forms

You can find the student Chapter Guidelines and forms for "Creation of a New Student Chapter Update" here and "Progress Report" here.

Student Chapter Grant Information  Click here to find out more

Student Chapter Grant Application Form  Click here

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