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April 2016:

Please click here to view the 2016 candidate statements.

WVS ByLaws - updated March 2016


To WDA-WVS (Wildlife Veterinary Section of the Wildlife Disease Association) Members,


We are recruiting WVS Officer Candidates for upcoming Wildlife Veterinary Section elections.

Send your nominations and especially nominate yourself! By Feb 26, 2016 to Dr. Anne Justice-Allen AJusticeAllen@azgfd.gov


Here are the positions that will be open:

Chair, meets with council or weighs in on Association business about 4 or 5 times a year and sits on committees.  Currently Anne Justice-Allen, AJusticeAllen@azgfd.gov

Secretary, keeps the section roster and sends out listserv emails (needs to have ability to blast out mass listserv emails of over 600 members, Currently Holly Ernest, hernest@uwyo.edu

Treasurer, keeps the financial records, Currently Nancy Boedeker, boedekern@si.edu

Newsletter Editor, Nina Schoch, bschoched@verizon.net

Student Rep. sits on the student committee, Sarah Alexander, sara.alexander@aucklandzoo.co.nz

**Each position takes ~ 20 hr per year, except Chair takes more time and and Newsletter Editor may take more time.

**Feel free to email any of us to ask about what is involved with our positions, and we’d love to have new officers to bring new ideas – so that might be you!


LinkedIn Group, Wildlife Veterinary Section - WDA


Join, post, ask questions, provide opinions, … etc.


WDA Meeting in Ithaca, NY – hope many of you are going – find the Wildlife Veterinary Section there.




Starting thinking of items for the next newsletter: 

If you’d like to provide wildlife veterinary-related stories and/or pictures for the next newsletter, please send items to our Newsletter Editor, Dr. Nina Schoch  AdkWildVet@verizon.net


In particular, we’re looking for some good photos of:

•             wildlife veterinarians/wildlife veterinary professional working on animals,

•             an interesting wildlife disease case, 

•             and a “ID this disease” cases.

•            anything else you think might be of interest to WVS members.


Holly Ernest,

Secretary, WDA-WVS: Wildlife Veterinary Section of the Wildlife Disease Association

Officers and Board Members

Officers of the Wildlife Veterinary Section

Chairperson         Anne Justice-Allen          ajustice-allen@azgfd.gov
Secretary  Holly Ernest    hernest@uwyo.edu
Treasurer  Nancy Boedeker    boedekern@si.edu
Editor   Nina Schoch    bschoched@verizon.net
Student Rep.   Sarah Alexander    sarah.alexander@aucklandzoo.co.nz

2014-2016 Officer biographies

Advisory Board of the Wildlife Veterinary Section

Gerardo Acosta-Jamett        Gerardo.acosta@uach.cl 
Mark W. Atkinson   matkinson@wcs.org
Marc Cattet    marc.cattet@usask.ca 
Walt Cook    wcook@cvm.tamu.edu 
Cindy Driscoll   cdriscoll@dnr.state.md.us 
Colin Gillin    colin.m.gillin@state.or.us 
Sonia M. Hernandez    shernz@uga.edu 
Clay Hilton    clayton.hilton@tamuk.edu 
Chris Walzer   chris.walzer@vetmeduni.ac.at