The WDA-WVS logo contest is open!

And there is an awesome prize for the winner – a lovely 11’ x 17” wildlife photo donated by our Newsletter Editor and wildlife photographer, Nina Schoch and WVS will frame it for the winner.

So get your creative juices flowing, and send your designs, ideas, questions about the logo to WVS President Anne Justice-Allen

Please aim to get your designs in to Anne by June 1 (or email Anne to request more time).


WDA Meeting in Australia

There will be a WVS section gathering or meeting at the WDA meeting in Australia.  Location and day/time TBA.


Starting thinking of items for the next newsletter: 

If you’d like to provide wildlife veterinary-related stories and/or pictures for the next newsletter, please send items to our Newsletter Editor, Dr. Nina Schoch


In particular, we’re looking for some good photos of:

•  wildlife veterinarians/wildlife veterinary professional working on animals,

•  an interesting wildlife disease case,

•  and a “ID this disease” cases.

•  anything else you think might be of interest to WVS members.