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NEW: Please read "Notes from the Chair" posted October 4, 2016.

WVS ByLaws - updated March 2016

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Starting thinking of items for the next newsletter: 

If you’d like to provide wildlife veterinary-related stories and/or pictures for the next newsletter, please send items to our Newsletter Editor, Dr. Nina Schoch  AdkWildVet@verizon.net
In particular, we’re looking for some good photos of:
•            wildlife veterinarians/wildlife veterinary professional working on animals,
•            an interesting wildlife disease case, 
•            and a “ID this disease” cases.
•            anything else you think might be of interest to WVS members.
Officers and Board Members

Officers of the Wildlife Veterinary Section

Chairperson         Anne Justice-Allen          ajustice-allen@azgfd.gov
Secretary  Ginger Stout    gingermstout@gmail.com
Treasurer  Nancy Boedeker    boedekern@si.edu
Editor   Claire Butkus    clairebutkus1@gmail.com
Student Rep.   Nina Schoch    bschoched@verizon.net

2014-2016 Officer biographies

Advisory Board of the Wildlife Veterinary Section

Gerardo Acosta-Jamett        Gerardo.acosta@uach.cl 
Mark W. Atkinson   matkinson@wcs.org
Marc Cattet    marc.cattet@usask.ca 
Walt Cook    wcook@cvm.tamu.edu 
Cindy Driscoll   cdriscoll@dnr.state.md.us 
Colin Gillin    colin.m.gillin@state.or.us 
Sonia M. Hernandez    shernz@uga.edu 
Clay Hilton    clayton.hilton@tamuk.edu 
Chris Walzer   chris.walzer@vetmeduni.ac.at