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JWD-V01 (March 2018) Presents:
Flavor preference and efficacy of variable dose ontario rabies vaccine bait (onrab) delivery in striped skunks (mephitis mephitis)
Amy Gilbert, Shylo Johnson, Nikki Walker, Alex Beath and Kurt VerCauteren
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (163 KB) | PDF Plus (168 KB) | Supplemental Material | YouTube

JWD-V02 (April 2018) Presents:
An experimental study of the effects of chemically dispersed oil on feather structure and waterproofing in common murres (uria aalge)
Emily R. Whitmer, Becky A. Elias, Danielle J. Harvey and Michael H. Ziccardi
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (482 KB) | PDF Plus (317 KB) | YouTube

JWD-V03 (May 2018) Presents:
Steroidal Saponin Toxicity in Eastern Grey Kangaroos (Macropus giganteus): A Novel Clinicopathologic Presentation of Hepatogenous Photosensitization
Chloe A. Steventon, Shane R. Raidal, Jane C. Quinn, and Andrew Peters
Abstract | PDF (1357 KB) | PDF Plus (628 KB) | YouTube