WDA Emeritus Award Recipients

About the WDA Emeritus Award

The Emeritus Award is an honorary category of membership awarded by the Council to members of the WDA who have retired from their profession and who in the opinion of Council have contributed significantly to the study of wildlife diseases.

Charles van Riper III is the 2017 WDA Emeritus Award winner

Vic Simpson receives the 2016 WDA Emeritus Award from EWDA Section Chair Marie Pierre Ryser




2017   Charles van Riper III
2016   Victor Simpson
2015    David Schultz
2014 Robert Patenaude
2013 Ian Barker
2012 Kathy Converse
2011 Chuck Hibler and Rick Botzler
2010 Danny B. Pence
2009 Milton Friend
2008 William M. Samuel
2007 William R. Davidson
2006 Robert L. Rausch
2005 David M. Spratt
2004 Donald J. Forrester
2003 Thomas M. Yuill
2002 Not awarded
2001 Victor F. Nettles
2000 Not awarded
1999 William J. Adrian
1998 Edward M. Addison
1997 Daniel O. Trainer
1996 Albert W. Franzmann
1995 Rudolf Ippen
1994 Louis N. Locke
1993 Roy C. Anderson
1992 Not awarded
1991 Lars H. Karstad
1990 Not awarded
1989 Jack H. Arundel
1988 Frank A. Hayes
1987 Ken Wolf
1986 L. Dale Fay
1985 Karl Borg
1984 Leslie A. Page
1983 Wayne I. Jensen
1982 Not awarded
1981 Archibald B. Cowan
1980 Merton N. Rosen
1979 Not awarded
1978 David E. Davis
1977 Joan Budd
1976 Not awarded
1975 William L. Jellison
1974 Not awarded
1973 Not awarded
1972 A. Murray Fallis
1971 Carlton M. Herman
1970 Carl O. Mohr
1969 Not awarded