Awards and Recognition

The WDA gives several awards and provides funding to recognize outstanding work in wildlife health and service to the WDA. (Recipient information can be found by clicking on the award titles).
These awards include:

  • WDA Ed Addison Distinguished Service Award: The Ed Addison DSA is the highest award of the Wildlife Disease Association. The purpose of the Ed Addison DSA is to honor a WDA member of long standing who, by his/her outstanding accomplishments in research, teaching and other activities, including participation in WDA affairs, has made a noteworthy contribution furthering the aims of the Wildlife Disease Association.

  • WDA Emeritus Award: The Emeritus Award is an honorary category of membership awarded by the Council to members of the WDA who have retired from their profession and who in the opinion of Council have contributed significantly to the study of wildlife diseases.

  • WDA Duck Award: The Duck Award is presented to recipients to acknowledge a particularly embarrassing incident (e.g., foible/mistake) that usually occurs at the annual meeting of the WDA.

  • WDA Student Awards: The WDA offers a research recognition award, two scholarships, and two awards and honorable mentions to encourage student participation in the Association and our annual conference, and to recognize outstanding student research."

  • AAWV Graduate Student Scholarship Award[coming soon to the WDA website]  In keeping with the close relationship between WDA and the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (AAWV), the AAWV will sponsor an award to a student at each annual WDA conference. The award will be given to either a veterinary student, or a DVM currently enrolled in a graduate program, residency or equivalent educational endeavor. This award will acknowledge outstanding academic and research accomplishment, productivity and potential to contribute to the field of wildlife medicine/research. The student should follow the same instructions for application to the WDA Graduate Student Scholarship Award, but note, the recipient chosen will be among those that have had their oral presentation accepted to present their work at the WDA conference. In addition, the recipient must be a member of the AAWV at the time of application to be considered. The award has a value of $500 US and includes a plaque. To find out more, keep a look out for the WDA Student Award Applications Instructions for 2017.

  • Tom Thorne and Beth Williams Memorial Award: The Award is presented in acknowledgement of either an exemplary contribution or achievement combining wildlife disease research with wildlife management policy implementation or elucidating particularly significant problems in wildlife health.

  • Carlton M. Herman Founder’s Fund: The main activity supported by this fund is sponsoring presentations at WDA International Conferences, in some way related to wildlife population health and density and changes in habitat. The scope includes all animals, including the human species. Activities may also include funding of research, presentation of medals in acknowledgement of contributions, support of publications, or other activities as determined by the trustees of the Fund.

  • In Memoriam: This section profiles those WDA members who made significant contributions to the WDA and to wildlife and ecosystem health worldwide.